martes, 3 de abril de 2012



Por don Laurent Granier

Dear Jose Juan,

I hope you do well.

I collapse under the work but it would be indecent to complain!

Some months ago a Spanish artist from Villa Real came to my home to show me his wonderfull and impressing work of chasing.

Juan Javier Avila usualy works for the Spanish Holy Weeks. It's a true artist and we became friends very quickly.

Last week I had the big surprise to received a present for me (see attached) the result of 3 month of work.
Frankly, I think that such a great talent deserve some advertising. Note that he is creating his website.

Sincerely yours,


Laurent GRANIER, Héraldiste
Peintre héraldiste du Vlaamse Heraldische Raad
3, rue Tavernier69001 LYON (France)
Tél. + 33 (0)4 78 72 61 37
Tél. + 33 (0)953 74 61 37
(coût appel local de France métropolitaine)

PD.- I have forgotten to give you the size of this work : 32 x 41 cm